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Countryside Road

Mission and Vision

Fern Leaves

At Riverside United Methodist Church, we strive to build FRIENDSHIP as a means of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our community and the rest of the world.

Vision of RUMC

Mission of the Chinese Worship

“The Chinese Section of RUMC seeks to be Bible-centered, Spirit-filled and Prayerful Church.”

Commitments of the Chinese Worship

  1. Every day keep a quiet time for spiritual nourishment.

  2. Every Sunday join worship corporately with fellow Christians.

  3. Every week perform an act to show God’s love.

  4. Every month give tithes to God.

  5. Every year bring an individual to Christ.

  6. Every Christian strives to be a Prayer Warrior.

  7. Everyone strives to discover and utilize one’s Spiritual Gift(s).

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